Breeds of Choice

S6002116British Whites are a relatively new breed in the United States, although the breed can be traced back several centuries from Great Britain. Some evidence suggests that introduction to the United States began during the 17th and 18th centuries by immigrants from the United Kingdom and continued piecemeal through the 1950’s 60’s and 70’s.
British Whites are naturally polled (hornless) with white hair color over most of their body. They have characteristic black points (occasionally red) on their ears, muzzle, feet, and teats. Some have black or red spots, mostly on the front half of the body.
Characteristically, British Whites are known for their gentle disposition, ease of calving, good feed efficiency, high fertility, superior maternal instinct, and ability to thrive in differing environments. Meat from British Whites is also known for its excellent flavor and tenderness.

Red Angus heifer with first calfThe Red Angus breed was selected out of black Aberdeen Angus from Europe. Red Angus are no different than Black Angus in all other characteristics. There is evidence, however, that Red Angus are more heat tolerant than Black Angus, simply because the red coat color reflects radiant energy from the sun whereas black absorbs it. This reduces heat stress during the summer months and has a positive impact on weight gain. Click here for more information about Red Angus.
We also have some black hided cattle. These are the result of breeding a British White dam to a Red Angus sire.