About Buffalo Hills Ranch

Buffalo Hills Ranch sits in the rolling hills northeast of Cozad, Nebraska. It lies at 2500 feet in elevation, 200 feet in elevation higher than the Platte River Valley. The Platte River runs about fifteen miles to the south. We named the ranch Buffalo Hills, not because there are still buffalo roaming in these parts, but because the west branch of Buffalo Creek runs through the eastern edge of the ranch. There was once a store and post office called Buffalo on the main branch of Buffalo Creek about 4 miles east of us. The store and post office ceased operation in 1963.
Our “hard grass prairie” consists of both cool and warm season native grass and several introduced grasses as well as several native forbs. Our average annual rainfall is about 22 inches, most of which falls in the spring and early summer brought by thunderstorms.
We bought the ranch in 2008 and began making some improvements right away, primarily in the form of cross fences so that we could rotationally graze pastures. We bought our first cows in 2010, which included seven bred registered British White cows and nine Red Angus bred heifers.
We began marketing beef by the quarter and halves in 2012 to individuals who wanted the great eating experience and healthful benefits of grass-finished beef. We have several repeat customers who love our beef. We are still in the process of building up our cowherd to a sustainable level while placing emphasis on pasture productivity.
All beef we sell are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, having received no grains, no hormones or implants, no feed-through antibiotics, and no ionophores. In times of deep snow or drought we also feed stored forages like grass and alfalfa hay.
Both Katie and I are BQA Certified (Beef Quality Assurance). That means we properly administer and follow strict label instructions when giving vaccines or treating illness, documenting all treatments and procedures on every animal. We also practice low stress livestock handling methods to promote healthy animals and a great tasting product.
We know our cattle depend on us to provide them with optimal nourishment, minerals, water and shelter so they may have the best possible life with minimal stress.