Prices for 2020

Price:  The price for 2020 is $2.75/lb based on the hanging weight. This is paid to  Buffalo Hills Ranch.

Processing (Approximate- depending on processor): Cutting and wrapping  @ $0.77/lb (hanging wt.) + $70 per animal kill charge  ($35 for a half and $17.50. for a quarter) +$14.00 Disposal fee ( $7 for a half and $3.50 for a quarter) + your share of the Nebraska State Brand Inspection fee of $1.00 per head. This is paid to the processor.

Final price:  Assuming you wish to have all bones removed and most of the fat trimmed, your take-home meat is approximately 50% of the hanging weight  making your final price for take-home freezer meat  approximately $7.30 per pound.  Compare this to retail below.

USDA Ag. Marketing Service reports “National Monthly Grass Fed Beef Report” at the end of each month. For Friday, May 29, 2020  the “Direct to Consumer Average Price” for a half beef is $8.05/lb  and for a quarter is $8.73/lb. .   Additionally, for all beef  (primarily grain fed) USDA reports  national supermarket retail price for Choice beef at $7.58/lb. and All Fresh Beef at $7.01/lb. Updated June 10, 2020.